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Five Minutes with Nicolas Richard

Nicolas Richard accompanied by Fred LaCroix at the NAC Orchestra Bursary Final © Photo: Colin Traquair

A Q&A with the winner of the 2017 NAC Orchestra Bursary Competition

In May, bassoonist Nicolas Richard won the NAC Orchestra Bursary Competition, which provides recognition and financial support to help further the development of young musicians who have connections to the National Capital Region.  Today, Nicolas talks about what the competition meant for his growth as a musician.

Q:  What went through your mind when you learned you won the NAC Orchestra Bursary Competition?

A:  When the results were announced I thought that I was so fortunate to have the circle of family, friends, colleagues and teachers who have never stopped inspiring and supporting me.

Q:  What did the competition mean for your growth as an artist?

A:  My experience in the competition was instrumental in my development as a musician.  The competition’s demanding audition environment helped me learn a tremendous amount about how I approach musical preparation.

Q:  How will the award help you achieve your goals?

A:  My experience in the competition will serve as an important foundation for my future endeavors.  I hope to use the funds to buy a new professional-level bassoon and to continue my studies at the University of Ottawa.   

Q:  What message would you like to send to NAC supporters who help make the NACO Bursary Competition possible?

A:  I want to express my gratitude for your generosity and advocacy for the arts.  Initiatives such as the NAC Orchestra Bursary Competition are the building blocks on which young musicians like me can push ourselves in an intense manner, and ultimately develop a holistic skill set that is essential to 21st century careers in music.

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