FACETS: A creative collaboration

The restless, inquiring mind of award-winning performer-creator Tedd Robinson—Artistic Director of 10 Gates Dancing, an NAC Associate Dance Artist, choreographer, educator and Ottawa favourite — has resulted in a catalogue of innovative work blazing with witty originality and extraordinary visual style.

Best known for his deeply personal solos, Robinson now directs and performs in FACETS with seven outstanding young creative voices. FACETS is created in collaboration with Angie Cheng, James Gnam, Ame Henderson, Thierry Huard, Simon Renaud, and Riley Sims, with music composed and performed live by Charles Quevillon.

Each of the artists worked individually in residence at Robinson's studio and home (which he calls Centre Q), for a period of 2-3 weeks during Phase 1, to develop new material inspired by his vast repertoire. In mid-April, Phase 2 of the work's creative process began, uniting all artists for an intense four-week period. The remote location provides stimulation and focus for each phase of the creation process. "Large open spaces influence me personally… and I try to recreate that in my music. Creation is not different from life - it's one single and unique thing. Eating or creating, it all becomes one" says musician/composer Charles Quevillon.

"It feels like we come up with solutions and proposals as if they came from the work itself rather than from our own egos or personal motivations" says choreographic collaborator, performer and NAC Associate Dance Artist Ame Henderson. "It's really all of us being in service of this thing we’re making together."

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