Face2Face With Your Environment

The set under construction © photo: Marnie Richardson
Ame Henderson, choreographer and artist Laura Taler © photo: Marnie Richardson
Matija Ferlin, choreographer © photo: Marnie Richardson
© photo: Marnie Richardson
© photo: Marnie Richardson
Narrow doorway of the performance space. Choreographer Ame Henderson in the background. © photo: Marnie Richardson

The Most Together We’ve Ever Been features a series of entrances and exits by dancers Ame Henderson and Matija Ferlin. Oftentimes the viewer is left to contemplate the relationship between themselves and their environment. Of all the objects that will be displayed in The Most Together We’ve Ever Been there is only one that has appeared in every performance - the weather beaten ice cream cone that looks like it belonged to an ice cream stand from a long abandoned country fairground. The remainder of the items have been curated by Ottawa artist Laura Taler. Some objects are recognizable such as piles of fur pelts, metal oil drums and rocks while others are more abstract and their purpose is unclear, enabling the viewer to contemplate shape and form independent of function.

Laura Taler and choreographer Ame Henderson collaborated on the set design during a six month correspondance. There were only few guidelines; objects were not to be traditionally found in a theatre space and they had to fit through the narrow doorways of the performance venue. The design concept is a creative and engaging solution for a small scale touring production that prefers to collaborate with local artists than cover shipping costs.

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