Explore the Symphony: The passion behind the podcast

Tucked into the back corner of the NAC’s lobby the Hexagon Studio is a small space where big ideas are discussed. It is the home of NAC podcasting and it is where NAC Orchestra musician Marjolaine Fournier and music critic Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer can be seen engaged in passionate discussions during the recording sessions for their two podcasts; L’Univers symphonique (in French) and Explore the Symphony (in English). 

Marjolaine calls Jean-Jacques a “music explorer” whose academic mind races through music and cultural history while she brings the perspective of a musician and performer to their intense and heartfelt explorations of music and culture.

Earlier this year L’Univers symphonique and Explore the Sympony exceeded 1.5 million downloads. “That’s a lot of people listening to these podcasts about classical music and that makes me very hopeful – that there is still a love and an interest and curiosity about classical music.” says Marjolaine.

Listen to Explore the Symphony and discover the passionate world of music with Marjolaine and Jean-Jacques.

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