Driven to Create: Interview with Dancer Louise Lecavalier

“It’s amazing, and humbling.”
– Dancer Louise Lecavalier on receiving a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award

Critics and audiences around the world have lauded Dancer Louise Lecavalier for her artistry. And yet, she says she must remind herself that she is a deserving recipient of the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

"It’s both intimidating and moving to win this prize, because artists I greatly admire have received this award, so it’s  amazing and humbling,” she said. “They want to put you in a very beautiful high place. And you think, ‘I'm not there at all!"

Lecavalier continues to dance, choreograph and collaborate with artists across Canada and internationally. Each performance is filled with a fierce energy that inspires others to take risks and convey new imaginative worlds to their audiences.

“Artists put themselves on the line. They take risks, the risk of coming face to face with oneself. It opens up a whole new world, a world that is imaginary and not as rational as the one we live in.”

The Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards celebrate Canadian artists whose daring risks open new worlds for us. It is our way as a country of saying “thank you” to some of our greatest artists. This year’s Gala, which is presented by Enbridge and supported by donors from across Canada, is on May 10th, 2014 at the NAC.

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