Donor Profile: Donald and Margaret MacLeod

Macleods 2
Donald and Margaret MacLeod © Photo submitted

Proud to support the arts that are an essential part of their lives.

Donald and Margaret MacLeod have loved the performing arts for so long it’s difficult for them to describe where and how that love began.  Instead, they recognize the impact the arts have made in their lives as they look to new generations.

“Margaret was a teacher and I’m the parent of four children for whom the NAC was an important part of growing up,” Donald explains.

The MacLeods’ commitment to the future of the performing arts in Canada could explain their generous support for the NAC Orchestra Bursary Program, which provides recognition and financial support to help further the development of young musicians with connections to the National Capital Region.

“We are very fortunate that both the previous and current Music Directors have a strong commitment to education and the development of young musicians,” Margaret says.  “We’ve already seen the benefits of remarkable growth in musical knowledge and the capability of young people from many backgrounds.”

In addition to the NACO Bursary Program, Donald and Margaret are proud to support the NAC in other ways.  They recently named two seats in Southam Hall because, as they say, they appreciate the opportunity as regular patrons to make their mark on the place which means so much to them.  And they demonstrate their passion for the performing arts as valued supporters of our Donors’ Circle.

“Like many patrons of the NAC we continue to see the arts as an essential part of our lives,” says Donald.  “We’ll never be able to give back as much as we receive from the NAC.  Its importance exceeds anything we might be able to contribute but we feel a responsibility to play a part in its continuity.”

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