Donor profile: Barb Newbegin

Barb Newbegin

Barb Newbegin says it well: “You have to pay it forward.” That philosophy is why she volunteers and is so generous to the organizations she cares about. It is also why she has remembered the National Arts Centre Foundation with a gift in her Will.

Born in Calgary, Barb lived in various locations across the country because of her father’s service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. When her father retired, the family moved to London, Ontario, where Barb graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Master’s degree in mathematics in 1972. Thereafter she moved to Ottawa for work and has lived in the city ever since. Her work as a statistician with the federal civil service was demanding and her free time limited. As a result, she attended NAC performances only occasionally during her 35-year career. However, after retiring, her time became more flexible. With the company and encouragement of friends, Barb happily became a regular attendee.

“It was classical music that first drew me to the NAC”, says Barb, “and the wonderful performances are still sustaining me today.” She has heard many superb performers over the years and remembers classical pianist Angela Hewitt and violinist James Ehnes in particular. Barb also admires the NAC’s recently renovated and expanded facilities. “The upgrades are terrific,” she says, “and the facilities more beautiful and functional than ever.”

Barb’s special interest at the National Arts Centre is encouraging younger performing artists. She believes strongly in giving future generations a solid start and does all she can to ensure that happens. Barb credits her parents with setting this example of giving back. Both generously volunteered their time and resources to various organizations, and now Barb follows suit. For example, she is currently very active with the Ottawa club of the Canadian Federation of University Women and serves on that club’s governing board. Of course, she also continues her support and involvement with the National Arts Centre.

Since arranging her own gift, Barb encourages everyone to remember the National Arts Centre Foundation with a gift in an estate plan. “After all”, she says with a chuckle, “you can’t take it with you! But seriously, a legacy gift is a perfect way to give back to an organization that done so much to encourage Canadian arts and culture.” Barb has asked that her own future gift be used to encourage young artists, and the National Arts Centre Foundation is happy to make sure this happens. For Barb, it is tremendously satisfying to know that her support of young artists will continue long after she is gone.    

Please, won’t you join Barb Newbegin and remember the National Arts Centre Foundation with a gift in your own estate plans? You may make a gift of any amount and direct it to any area of the NAC’s work you wish. Foundation staff would be pleased to explore ideas with you and help to ensure your philanthropic wishes are met.

Thank you, Barb, for your many years of loyal and generous support of the National Arts Centre. And thank you for remembering the NAC Foundation with your own legacy gift.

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