2013 Christmas Cheer Campaign

Maggie Barbosa surrounded by the donated gifts for the NAC's Christmas Cheer campaign.
Christmas Cheer 2013
Luc Richer, Christmas Cheer 2013
Alejandro Santos, Christmas Cheer 2013
Luc Lumieux and Claude Villeneuve, Christmas Cheer 2013

On December 20th NAC employees were up very early to gather in the NAC parking garage at 6 am (!) in order to pack their cars with groceries and gifts for local families. It was the culmination of the NAC Christmas Cheer Campaign.

Throughout the year staff have organized numerous bake sales, auctions and of course the annual employee pancake breakfast to raise funds for Christmas Cheer. This year NAC employees purchased groceries and gifts for 21 local families.

The Christmas Cheer campaign has been in operation for 43 years and during that time employees have brought the magic of Christmas to the door of 682 families including 2396 children.

A big thank you to the core team of Christmas Cheer campaign; Maggie Barbosa, Luc Richer and Diane Meunier for once again bringing the true spirit of Christmas to the National Arts Centre.