“Art should force us into the streets!” – André Breton

We don’t say it often enough: The NAC French Theatre is an amazing space of artistic freedom. In an age where conformity and compliance are seen as desirable (which admittedly makes things easier from an accounting point of view), it is precious to have access to a few spaces, a few places where art still lights the way. Peter Herrndorf is a staunch defender of original and unique creative projects: you can sense it, see it, hear it. We are extremely grateful for his support.

Theatre must examine the world with a personal, critical and attentive eye, a scrutiny that has the power to change our perception of society and social issues. The purpose of art is not to bolster the established order: it has a more subversive aim, namely, to stimulate audiences and incite them to move forward, toward life. It’s essential to keep this in mind, even though most of the time we would rather be comforted than provoked. 

None of this would be possible without you and your participation. Thank you for being there.

During our 2015–16 season, you will discover unique perspectives, powerful texts and inventive stagings. You will hear words written by authors both contemporary and classic. You will see plays that examine the past and the far-reaching repercussions of the sometimes violent changes sweeping our social and political environment.

Our stages will welcome both emerging and established artists, some of whom will have come a long way to get here. Their work is rich, diverse and inspired. We will premiere several new works. It would seem that artists following their personal creative path are an endangered species, and that’s why French Theatre is especially proud to work with them, support them, and foster an artistic dialogue based on collaboration and mutual respect.

Of course, the art of theatre is unique in that it involves teamwork and sharing, and requires the presence of an audience in order to flourish and reach its full expressive potential. Without that willing partnership, the risks we take would have no meaning.

None of this would be possible without you and your participation. Thank you for being there.