Amplifying marginalized voices within the industry

Tassia reis
Tássia Reis
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Kellylee Evans
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Janice Jo Lee
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Lorraine Klaasen
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The Joy Lapps Project

Empowering women in the music industry 

From April 25 to 27, Axé WorldFest presents the fourth edition of the Empowering Women in the Music Industry Conference, with concerts and round tables.  

An essential gathering to discuss gender roles in the music industry, spark new ideas, and make connections. 

With programming at the National Arts Centre, Arts Court, Club SAW and 27 Club, this event reflects Axé WorldFest’s mission to connect, network, and amplify marginalized voices within the industry. 

Open to all, the fourth annual Empowering Women in the Music Industry Conference aims to be an inclusive space for dialogue where people can share ideas, build connections, and foster growth in their careers. 

The three-day event will feature new sounds from emerging and established artists. On April 25, the opening night of the conference, the NAC and Axé WorldFest will present the first concert of Brazilian star Tássia Reis’ Canadian tour. Tássia is causing a sensation with hits that capture life’s ups and downs, infused with humour and a rebellious spirit that challenges the status quo. 

The following day will include a networking BBQ and live music at Club SAW, hosted by Jade London and featuring DJ Mari Rossi, Djely Tapa, Mia Kelly, Honeypaw, Lara Klaus and pHoenix Pagliacci. 

Finally, Kellylee Evans, Janice Jo Lee, Lorraine Klaasen and The Joy Lapps Project will appear in the closing show on April 27 at the Fourth Stage, hosted by Treasa Levasseur. 

The post-show party at Club 27 will be hosted by Adrianna Exposée, DJ Del Pilar and Rosina. 

Axé WorldFest is a leading organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the music industry, with a focus on celebrating cultural heritage and empowering underrepresented voices. 

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