Alice’s Looking-Glass Adventures Continues Across Canada

Jillian  the alices
Gwendolyn Collins, Jillian Keiley, Ellie Heath, Trish Lindström, Natasha Greenblatt © Sugino Studios

Director Jillian Keiley with actors playing Alice across Canada: Gwendolyn Collins (Winnipeg’s Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre), Ellie Heath (Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre), Trish Lindström (the Stratford Festival) and, seated, Natasha Greenblatt (NAC and Charlottetown's Confederation Centre of the Arts). Photographed in the Palm Room of Spadina House, Toronto.

When the Stratford Festival approached NAC English Theatre Artistic Director Jillian Keiley to direct a new production of Alice Through the Looking-Glass, a partnership quickly developed between the Stratford Festival and the National Arts Centre. Now James Reaney's Canadian adaptation of Lewis Carroll's novel is coming to life across the country - a national achievement with local faces.

In each community, a new company of performers will bring their unique gifts to the elaborate costumes and sets constructed by the Stratford Festival's renowned artisans. The model will enable numerous theatres - including Charlottetown's Confederation Centre of the Arts, Winnipeg's Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and Edmonton's Citadel Theatre - to share this singular theatrical experience featuring recognized talent in their home communities.

As Ms Keiley says, "Actors are the heart of the show, and throughout Canada there's an abundance of actors of international calibre. I believe that's truly something to celebrate." Ms Keiley will continue to pour the tea, wherever Alice may go.

Upcoming Productions of Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Charlottetown: June 24-August 29, 2015
Produced by the Confederation Centre of the Arts

Winnipeg: November 25-December 19, 2015
Produced by the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Edmonton: February 27-March 20, 2016
Produced by the Citadel Theatre

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