A Life-Changing Gift

Devang Ghosh
Devang Ghosh, third-year Carleton University student and performing arts enthusiast © Photo: Greg MacKay

Devang Ghosh, a third-year Carleton University student, celebrated an important anniversary when he attended Handel’s Messiah at the NAC in December—it was the very first NAC performance he saw a little over a year ago. “That evening sparked a love for the performing arts within me,” he says.  

Since that transformative performance, Devang has developed a true love for music, dance and theatre. And it is all thanks to your support of the Under30 ticket program, which provides $15 tickets to young people like him. 

Over the past year, Devang has attended dozens of performances at the NAC, Ottawa Little Theatre, GCTC, and at venues throughout Toronto during his summer break. Quite a change for someone who previously had no interest in the arts and was primarily focused on his studies in science, technology, engineering and math! 

This year, Devang’s school schedule is busier, but he always looks forward to an upcoming NAC event. “When my workload gets too hectic, I tell myself that I just need to power through so I can finish everything and be rewarded by seeing the NAC event I’ve pre-booked,” he shares. “This is honestly a fantastic motivator for me and attending performances is a great way for me to decompress.”  

And what was Devang’s experience seeing Handel’s Messiah for a second time following a year filled with dance, music and theatre? “Since I already knew about the work from my first visit, this gave me an opportunity to really analyze different aspects of the oratorio,” he says. “I’ve read about the rich history and cultural impact Messiah has made but as usual, watching the performance live at the grand Southam Hall with perfect execution by the orchestra, choir and soloists made me appreciate it so much more.” 

Your generous gifts to the NAC Foundation provide life-changing experiences for young people and are creating the next generation of arts enthusiasts. Thank you! 

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