Peril to Promise: Navigating the Waters of Today's Canadian Theatre

3 Episodes

About the podcast

In 2020/21, NAC English Theatre and Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) initiated a transformative two-year partnership, the "co-curation model." As the partnership draws to a close, this podcast is intended to share insights and advice on the initiative. The podcast's vision expanded with new artistic directors, Nina Lee Aquino and Dian Marie Bridge, to encompass broader narratives of change in Canada's theatre scene and was released during the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) conference in June 2023. Following its success at the conference, we are re-launching the five-episode series, with an invitation to theatre companies, artists, and the public to delve deeper into the recent challenges and victories in Canadian theatre, acting as a beacon of insight for our shared journey ahead.

About the host

  • nina-headshot
    Artistic Director, English Theatre Nina Lee Aquino
  • dianbridgeheadshot0111
    Artistic Director, Black Theatre Workshop Dian Marie Bridge
  • Calls to Actions

    English Jun 13, 2024 24:57

    In this final episode, Dian and Nina sit down with playwright, songwriter, and performer Velvet Wells, who now resides in Ottawa. They discuss the Black Pledge, social justice movements within...

  • The Production Exodus

    English Jun 06, 2024 30:48

    In this episode, Nina and Dian sit down with Pip Bradford, an independent producer, production manager, stage manager, and member of the Means of Production. They discuss the current state...

  • The Great Resignation

    English May 30, 2024 34:58

    In this episode, Dian and Nina converse with Jeanne LeSage, a leading arts consultant specializing in strategic human resources, organizational development, effective governance and leadership transitions. They discuss the current...

  • Turning the Big Ship

    English May 24, 2024 38:59

    In this episode, Nina and Dian sit down with Keith Barker, Director of New Plays at the Stratford Festival. They discuss Stratford’s program of Pre-Rehearsal Orientation (PRO) days, one of...

  • Been There, Now What?

    English May 17, 2024 33:54

    In the inaugural episode, Dian and Nina converse with theatre artist ahdri zhina mandiela, founder of b current Performing Arts and the Interlocutor for NAC English Theatre/BTW partnership, as well...