“It was an amazing experience.  Thank you for the opportunity to come and enjoy without the stress that comes with trying new things. It was wonderful to be surrounded by other ASD families.

The NAC provided so many wonderful pre show opportunities to explore and trying out the instruments was a huge hit with us!…”

“I would never have thought that Cameron would sit through a performance at the NAC. It really never crossed my mind that he would be interested in the content. 

When I saw the opportunity to go as part of the Lotus Centre group I knew that we would have the freedom to move around a bit and even to leave if it was not working out. 

Not only did we not need to leave, he never even moved from his seat.  His attention was fixed on the performers and he was utterly drawn in to the show.  It was an incredible opportunity for our family to be able to enjoy the NAC together.”

“Our son was so captivated by the performance.  I knew he was at ease as he moved to the music and laughed at the story.  His favourite parts were when the conductor or musicians played a role in the show.  He couldn't stop talking about the Viking show for quite a while.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the NAC orchestra in our special way.”

What to expect from our sessions

Our series of videos will give you a look at how The Music Circle Program works and what to expect from our sessions. You can also use these videos as a resource for hosting your own sessions in the future!