We are happy to be able to provide information and support through this series of videos and other resources on the NAC website to allow you to implement a program like the Music Circle program for special needs populations. This program was launched in 2012 to meet the need for a truly accessible music education and music performance program for people with autism and other exceptionalities. This population finds it difficult to attend concerts. Bright lights, crowds, surprise sounds, are all daunting and make it impossible to enjoy music, something many are so passionate about. The Music Circle program was developed over several months of consultations with team members from the NAC, experts in special music education from the Lotus Centre for Special Music Education, as well as with an occupational therapist and behavioural therapist, to develop a truly unique program that allows immersion into the world of orchestral instruments through multi-modal learning and a sensory-friendly concert experience.

The guidebook and video series are designed to be used in tandem to provide you with all the information needed to replicate this program within your organization. Please note that while the videos highlight important aspects of program implementation, there is much more detailed information available in the guidebook. If more support is required, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to facilitate your own implementation of the program and to answer any questions you may have. You can reach Dr. Erin Parkes of Lotus Centre for Special Music Education at erin@lotuscentre.net, and the music education team from the NAC at musiced@nac-cna.ca.

We would like to thank our supporters who make this program possible:

The Craig Foundation
National Youth and Education Trust
Music Performance Trust Fund
St. John’s Music
Long & McQuade