September 21, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.


Empowering Canada’s rural, Indigenous, and underserved
communities through music and the arts.

Since 2010, the National Arts Centre’s Music Alive Program in Nunavut has supported comprehensive programming that celebrates Inuit culture and cultivates local talent and local leadership. The program also provides special opportunities for Nunavut communities to engage with visiting artists, including artists from other parts of Nunavut and the Inuit Nunangat.

We continue to focus on important relationships with schools, arts organizations, community leaders, and others in order to develop programming that is tailored to the particular needs and culture of each community and to support local organizations in realizing their goals for arts education and community engagement.

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The best thing about this collaboration is not that I get to write a song with one of my biggest's that she's teaching and helping me to let go of some of the things that never allowed me to find peace within myself. I will be forever grateful to have her as a mentor.

Rita Claire Mike-Murphy, MAP Nunavut teaching artist from Pangnirtung NU and one of the young artists mentored through a MAP partnership

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Bring music into children’s lives

Your donations help the Music Alive Program reach more students, educators and communities across Canada. The National Youth and Education Trust is the NAC’s primary source of funding for initiatives that nurture and develop the creativity of children and youth, and support the educators and artists who challenge and encourage them.