Teens from Across Canada Storm Ottawa for Improv Competition

You know you’ve walked into a different kind of competition when the winning team enthusiastically starts the chant of “Everyone!  Everyone!” and it spreads through the theatre in appreciation of peers, teachers, coaches, volunteers and fans.

April 19-23 high school teams from Ladysmith, Vancouver Island to St.John's, NL will take the stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa to compete in the 34th National Tournament of the Canadian Improv Games.  Tournaments held Canada-wide determine which teams go to the Capital to make the most of the moment.  The Ottawa teams competing this year are: All Saint’s, Canterbury and St.Joseph’s

"This is the Stanley Cup of Improv,” says National Artistic Director Alistair Cook.

Competitors in Canadian Improv Games create their performances using audience suggestions for inspiration, and work together to create theatre on the spot. 

“Teenagers are such bright, energetic, emotional people, searching for insight and dealing with representing themselves as individuals in the world for the first time,” says CIG Alumni Cari Leslie, an Ottawa improvisor and actress and host of the Gemini-nominated TVO Kids show A World of Wonders, and who is now a dedicated volunteer.

“In a world so fast-paced and artificial, it is truly exalting to have a place where we can hold on to what we love, and promote honest expression, sincere connection and clarity. There really is no better community to hone and foster these experiences.”

The Canadian Improv Games were created by Howard Jerome and Jamie Wyllie based on a concept created by David Shepherd, who founded The Compass Theater.

Show Information:

The 2011 Canadian Improv Games in association with the National Arts Centre

National Semi-Finals:

April 19-22, NAC Theatre, 19:30
Students $12, adults $15
National Finals:

April 23, NAC Theatre 19:30 Students $15, adults $18
Tickets are available in person at the NAC Box Office and through Ticketmaster.  
For more information visit the Canadian Improv Games website at www.improv.ca
or contact the National Administrative Director:

Briana Rayner Briana@improv.ca  778.317.6725



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