Music Producers From Around the World Meet in Canada in September

Global Women’s Producers Program helps right the gender imbalance in the music industry


August 22, 2023 – OTTAWA (Canada) – From September 1st to 10th, music producers from Australia, Argentina, Wales and Canada will meet in person in Montreal and Toronto for an inspiring week of knowledge sharing and networking activities. Working together, they will explore new avenues to further their careers.

Certain events will be accessible to the press and the public. For more information about our itinerary, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram.

“Supporting and empowering amazing professionals, creating opportunities for discussion and collaboration, and making connections for women and non-binary producers is at the heart of the Global Network.  During our week together in Toronto and Montreal in September, we will continue to build on what we started just over two years ago, welcoming producers from Estonia, Wales, Argentina, and Australia – I can’t wait!” 

- Heather Gibson, Executive Producer, Popular Music & Variety Programming,  National Arts Centre, Canada.




THE GLOBAL NETWORK FOR WOMEN MUSIC PRODUCERS also known as the “PRODUCERS PROGRAM”  is an initiative that supports women and non-binary music producers and helps right the gender imbalance in their field. Founded by Heather Gibson, Executive Producer, Popular Music and Variety at Canada’s National Arts Centre,  and designed in consultation with partners from around the world, the program aims to overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration. The program also serves as a resource for musicians and record labels who are looking to work with women producers. The Global Network for Women Music Producers is a partnership with Sounds Australia, Music Estonia, MTA Productions (Sweden) , Elen Elis (Wales),  and producer liaison Belen Fasulis Aramburú (Argentina) .  Special acknowledgement goes to the Adrian Burns Fund for Women Leaders in the Performing Arts. 




The Producers Program brings together 33 music producers from diverse parts of the world, including Canada, Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, Mexico, and Wales. This impactful assembly encompasses award-winning professionals as well as a new generation of producers. Comprising engineers, songwriters, film music composers, recording music producers, and artists, this dynamic group spans a wide array of styles, from jazz, pop, and hip hop to ambient and experimental music. These women take the lead in their projects, making independent decisions, owning their endeavors, and contributing as composers, writers, and producers. The Producers Program strives to make their contributions visible and tell their stories.  Feel free to explore the profiles of our producers by clicking HERE.


Canada: Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac  (MADISON VIOLET) / Katharine-fountain/ Sarah MacDougall/ Hill Kourkoutis / Denise De´ion / Elisa Pangsaeng / Maia Davies / Erin Costello/ Carole Facal “Caracol” / Argentina: Ignacia / Mica Hourbeigt / Natalia Perelman / Lucy Patané / Australia: Kween G. Kibone / Becki Whitton “Aphir” / Antonia Gauci / Estonia: Kelly Vask / Anett Tamm / Mariin Kallikorm / Anneliis Kits / Maris Pihlap / México: Pahua / Sweden: Maja Långbacka and Matilda Bådagård (LÅNGBACKA/BÅDAGÅRD) / Anna Engberg / Hanna Ekström/ Katharina Nuttall/ Vera Vinter/ Natalie Knutzen/ Karin Turesson/ Melisha Linnell / Sibille Attar / Wales: Eädyth / Ani Saunders (Ani Glass) / Lleuwen Steffan. 


The Producers Program was initiated in December 2020 and is gearing up to celebrate its 3rd anniversary next winter! It kicked off with monthly Zoom meetings and knowledge-sharing sessions among the producers within the group. Subsequently, the program established an Instagram account to showcase individual profiles, conduct interviews, and daily promote their work. In August of the previous year, 2022, a significant event occurred as all the producers gathered in person for the very first time in Stockholm. This gathering provided a unique opportunity for them to get to know each other and connect with key individuals in the industry, a feat that might have been difficult to achieve individually.

After enduring the period of COVID isolation, it was an emotionally charged experience to finally come together in person. The participants shared personal stories and embarked on a collective journey in a city that was unfamiliar to most of them. The occasion presented an opportunity to meet influential figures within the music industry, leading to mutual encouragement and a profound realization of the strength derived from being part of this group. The experience highlighted how much easier and safer it feels to navigate challenges together.


The vision of this program stands out because, as women, we often find ourselves accustomed to working in isolation, handling everything on our own, and constantly striving to prove our worth while struggling to be heard and find our place. Collaborating with other empowered women in a truly cooperative manner, devoid of competition or egos, and genuinely relishing in it, presents a novel approach. It introduces a fresh narrative that places significance on learning, a sense of belonging, nurturing a network, sharing experiences, and constructing a secure environment. This approach isn't centered around the immediate question of "what can I gain?" Rather, it centers on what holds importance to us and revolves around the idea of collectively building something that lasts.



The National Arts Centre is Canada’s bilingual, multi-disciplinary home for the performing arts. The NAC presents, creates, produces, and co-produces performing arts programming in various streams — the NAC Orchestra, Dance, English Theatre in collaboration with Black Theatre Workshop, French Theatre, Indigenous Theatre, and Popular Music and Variety — and nurtures the next generation of audiences and artists from across Canada. The NAC is located in the National Capital Region on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe. 





Mireille Allaire
Senior Manager, Communications

National Arts Centre


Jennifer Payette (on site during the events)

Marketing Strategist, Audience Engagement

National Arts Centre


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