French theatre presents : Tapage et autres bruits sourds

March 27 & 28, 2018, at 8 p.m. in the NAC Azrieli Studio

An NAC French Theatre production presented exclusively in Ottawa!

“I speak with my body. With my bruises blooming from the inside.
I speak and it's not pretty—no decorations, no powdered sugar.
Words ripped from the root, by sheer nerve and the sweat of my brow.”

From Tapage et autres bruits sourds (transl.)


OTTAWA, March 19, 2018 – An explosive happening sizzling with life, a communal concatenation of words and whispers to celebrate World Theatre Day. A free zone with no fourth wall, a creative space where young actors take on the words of a brilliant collective of 18 playwrights, Les Poids Plumes.

Under the direction of three of its members (Lisa L’Heureux, Annie Cloutier and Louis‑Philippe Roy), Les Poids Plumes theatre collective presents Tapage et autres bruits sourds, an abrasive and insightful show, slightly chaotic and poetically a bit trashy, on the theme of the struggle between noise and silence in our age of social media.

Four young performers and a musician take over the stage in an event that’s sure to generate as much buzz as the ensemble’s previous creations, including Comment frencher un fonctionnaire sans le fatiguer and Musique pour un monte-charge français (et autres curieux désordres)!


Written by (collage) Les Poids Plumes [Annie Cloutier, Antoine Côté Legault, Marie‑Eve Fortier, Sébastien Lajoie, Gabrielle Lalonde, Mishka Lavigne, Josianne Lavoie, Lauriane Lehouillier, Lisa L’Heureux, Charlotte L’Orage, Sarah Migneron, Marie‑Thé Morin, Marie‑Pierre Proulx, Gabriel Robichaud, Louis‑Philippe Roy, Guillaume Saindon, Stéphanie Turple and Caroline Yergeau] // Artistic directors and editors: Annie Cloutier, Lisa L’Heureux and Louis‑Philippe Roy // With Virginie Aubry‑Richard, Virginie Charland, Simon L. Lalande and Maxim Racicot‑Doucet // Soundscape: Olivier Fairfield // Lighting: Myriam Thibault // Stage design: John Doucet

Produced by NAC French Theatre



Tuesday, March 27 at 6 p.m.

NAC Glass Thorsteinson Staircase

On March 27, before the performance of Tapage et autres bruits sourds, you’re invited to join us to celebrate World Theatre Day! Local actors will read messages written for the occasion by four personalities: Sabina Berman (author of one of the five international messages), Nina Lee Aquino (author of the Canadian message, translated into French by Djennie Laguerre), Miriam Cusson (author of the Franco-Ontarian message), and Béatrice Picard (author of the Quebec message). Come hear what they have to say as we raise a glass to theatre

This event is made possible thanks to the support of the Franco-Ontarian organization Théâtre Action and a partnership with La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins.



Les Poids Plumes is a group of 18 playwrights whose writing is as rich as it is diverse. The collective brings together Francophone and Francophile artists from across Quebec, Ontario and Acadia. Les Poids Plumes was born of a shared desire to relieve the loneliness that writers often experience.

“Fueled by our visions and our very different backgrounds, over the last five years or so we have developed a rich artistic exchange around our respective writing projects, and challenged ourselves to develop our personal practices. This liberal sharing process has sparked a host of ideas and a significant number of new scripts that we now feel the need to share more widely. With the weight that the act of writing can require and with the lightness of feathers, we now take up our quills to introduce our words to the public.”
Les Poids Plumes

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