Giant Interactive Sculpture Arrives at the National Arts Centre

The National Arts Centre is delighted to announce the installation of Frost, a 6.1-metre interactive sculpture that will illuminate the National Arts Centre’s Canal Foyer throughout the winter. Frost is inspired by architecture, the geometry of a single snowflake, and the allure of a freshly frosted-over window pane.

A fractal is a repeating pattern that is seen in many natural and human-made objects. Artist-team Studio F Minus took that concept and applied it to the construction of a snowflake. They began by isolating a single “Y” shape, a dominant architectural feature in the Santiago Calatrava-designed building for which the artwork was commissioned. Then by repeating and rotating that shape, the artists created a unique crystalline structure.

Visitors are encouraged to touch Frost and enjoy its interactive effects. For example, by running your hand along the sculpture, you will see that you cast a shadow in the field of light, the same way you leave a trail when drawing on a frosted window with your finger.

Frost arrives on the heels of Cloud, a tremendously popular interactive sculpture of 6,000 light bulbs in the shape of a cloud, by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. It came to the NAC Canal Foyer as part of the Canada Scene festival.

In addition, in the coming months the NAC will be re-installing its art collection, which has been in storage during the NAC’s Architectural Rejuvenation Project. Works includes the Glenn Gould CD318 piano (now in place), the Jessie Oonark Tapestry, Musica by Leonardo Nierman, and Clan Unity by Dempsey Bob, among many others.


Studio F Minus is the collaborative of artists/architects Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson, working with a network of world-class engineers, fabricators, and technologists to create large-scale art projects for broad public audiences. Since its founding in 2008, Studio F Minus has been commissioned to produce major public artworks for cities across Canada and has exhibited installation works in galleries and museums internationally. Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson live and work in Toronto, Ontario.

Frost was commissioned by Brookfield Place Toronto.

Credits: Brad Hindson & Mitchell F Chan, Artists; PVW Consultants, Producers; FLUXWORX, Fabricators; Blackwell, Engineering Consulting; Nicholas Stedman, Electrical Design Fabrication; Rob King, Coding.

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Carl Martin
Director of Communications (Acting)
National Arts Centre
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