Wanted: teenage performers for "Ce qui nous relie?" 2015

After an invigorating first edition, Ce qui nous relie? is back and raring to go! But it’s back to square one; we’re starting from scratch. Young people aged 14 to 20 of all backgrounds are invited to take over a creative space in the company of the writer and multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Guilmaine. In a series of get-togethers and spirited, exploratory workshops, she will then be influenced and inspired by the contributions and personalities of these young collaborators to create a stage script. Project participants will later perform the piece in a public presentation.



The Project

If being part of this experience intrigues you and you are selected, you will participate in encounters and workshops where you will be sharing your opinions, thoughts and aspects of your personality, teaching others what you know and also reacting to creative constraints. What do you dream of? What do you find annoying? What makes you feel alive? Question, action, reaction.


Based on what you come up with together, the playwright will then transform this human experience into an artistic experience, a cohesive whole. The script will reflect what has been shared: a collection of identities, points of view, passions and convictions. Then it will be up to you to give it voice. You and the other participants will perform the piece in front of an audience in an informal presentation. 


1.    Meet new people, take the pulse of your immediate circle and express yourself freely.

2.    Discuss all sorts of topics and ideas and respond to great works of art and creative constraints.

3.    Take part in a unique creative process that will inspire the writing of a script imbued with your input.

4.    Get a better understanding of how a playwright transforms raw material into a stage play.

5.    Perform the piece in front of an audience, humbly and honestly, using your body, your voice and your own personality.


Interested in taking part?

Consult the attached application form for more information.




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