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NAC Indigenous Theatre

May 20, 2016

Newsletter #1 Indigenous Theatre

In collaboration with IPAA, the National Arts Centre will be doing monthly updates on the approaching launch of Indigenous Theatre. With this first update we are excited to announce the Second Advisory Committee who will help guide the NAC through this significant time.

This is our first of many newsletter updates to come. In this update, we want to share news about the Second Advisory Committee. The Second Advisory Committee will be working with us through to June of 2017. Between now and then the committee will advise on issues pertaining to the hiring process and, as well, be a guide to the NAC as it prepares to welcome the first leadership of the new Indigenous Theatre at Canada’s  National Arts Centre. The guidance of the Advisory Committee will be instrumental in helping steer the course. They are not a hiring committee, but part of their work will be advising the NAC on matters such as this.

Since February 13, 2016 Brittany Ryan has taken on the role of Interim Coordinator, Indigenous Theatre and Sarah Garton Stanley has taken on the role of Interim Facilitator, Indigenous Theatre. We will be in these roles until the first leadership of Indigenous Theatre begins in June 2017.

The Second Advisory Committee:  we sent out a call to Indigenous leaders and artists who participated in person, and on Adobe Connect, on February 13th, 2016. On this day, the NAC sought feedback from the Indigenous performing arts community regarding steps and considerations for hiring the first artistic leadership of Indigenous Theatre. This meeting was brought to life with the guidance of our 3-member First Advisory Committee.

When gathering feedback regarding the Second Advisory Committee,  we learned that we needed to expand the group to enfold important criteria. A 5-member Advisory Committee allowed for this. Reneltta Arluk agreed to stay on for the next committee to lend continuity to the process.

The criteria for the Second Advisory Committee

  1. Diversity of Land/Region
  2. Language (English and French represented)
  3. An Elder Voice
  4. A Youth Voice
  5. An Algonquin Voice
  6. A wish to engage
  7. Strong Communicators
  8. Connectors

We look to the Second Advisory Committee to help us to hear clearly, and to respond openly to concerns and ideas. And we aim to do this with efficiency and transparency. This Second Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders who can speak to the breadth of community activity, geography and inter-generational conversation.

Finally we want to thank and acknowledge The First Advisory Committee: Margo Kane, Michael Greyeyes and Reneltta Arluk. We could not have done any of it without you.

We are excited that following people have agreed to sit on the Second Advisory Committee:

See you in for our next update in June.

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