Impact of smoke on the air quality at the NAC
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Indigenous Theatre

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3 events or more for 15% off

Join us as we celebrate Indigenous leaders, artists, and storytellers—sharing stories, histories, and perspectives.

Awe-inspiring performances at the best prices. Experience the whole season, or choose your favourites and save 15%!

  1. A musical feast featuring the artists involved in the social media movement #ReconcileThis! The fires are burning. Let us come together to feed the flames!  … read more

  2. Bear Grease combines hip-hop, parody, improv and freestyle to offer a new perspective. Come with your singing voice ready to rock and roll for this hilarious evening … read more

  3. This historical satire shifts perspectives from the male gaze as three very different women sit in a fort sharing their views on life, love, and the hot nerd Louis … read more

  4. Travel through time with an Indigenous knowledge keeper and the NAC Orchestra to meet the magnificent “small horses of the deep woods,” who were helpers … read more

  5. Inspired by Sami spiritual practices, demonstrations, and group dance, this piece is performed by seven female dancers with very different histories, each of whom … read more

  6. In Inner Elder, Michelle Thursh recounts her transformation from a young girl... Powerful and hilarious testimony that will sear your heart and leave you laughing … read more

  7. You used to call me Marie... is an epic Métis love story told through eight intertwined stories of love, loss, and the fight of the Métis people amidst … read more