Name your seat in Southam Hall

You’ve witnessed the exciting transformation of Southam Hall. Don’t miss the opportunity to name your seat!

Name your seat by donating today!

What impact will my gift have?

Funds raised though the Southam Hall seat campaign will be directed to the NAC’s highest priority needs in performance, creation and learning.

When you name a seat and share your passion for the arts, your gift can be felt in so many glorious ways. It’s there in the excitement you feel when the lights dim and the show is about to start…in the electrifying energy that generates and grows between an artist and their audience…and in a roomful of students mesmerized by their first live performance. As someone who cares deeply about the performing arts in Canada, your gift makes you part of every magical moment.

What can I have inscribed on my seat’s commemorative name plate?

Most donors will choose to inscribe their own name or that of a loved one, through a message of up to three lines of 35 characters each, including spaces. What a wonderful opportunity to honour or remember a dear friend or family member who shares your love for dance and the performing arts.

Can I choose which seat I name?

Yes you can! Donors may choose their seats on a first-come, first-served basis. People will sit in your seat for decades to come, and you’ll experience the joy that comes from knowing you made an important contribution to the performing arts.

What gift amount will name a seat?

With a special gift of $5,000 payable over five years, your name will become part of history. Donors may choose from 3 easy payment schedules: 

  • set up a convenient and affordable monthly giving plan of $83.33 per month for 60 months, 
  • make five annual payments of $1,000 each, or, 
  • fulfill a gift of $5,000 in a single year.

How else will I be recognized for my gift?

The NAC Foundation will be honoured to recognize your generosity through our Donors’ Circle, with the privileges and benefits offered at the Playwright’s Circle level for a 5-year pledge of $1,000 each year, or to the Producer’s Circle for an gift of $5,000 received in a single year. And, by making your donation in addition to your current annual support, your recognition in the Donors’ Circle will be elevated – matched to the combined amount of your annual giving.

What happened to the old seats?

The NAC donated seats to the Studio Theatre in Perth, Ontario, Ottawa's Woodroffe High School, and the Astor Theatre in Liverpool, Nova Scotia - the province's oldest performing arts venue.