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Andy Shauf with guest Marine Dreams

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Known for honest, self-reflective songs as well as captivating lyrical works of fiction and an intimate live show, Andy Shauf is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing emerging songwriters.

His latest release, The Bearer of Bad News, explores themes of uncertainty, curiosity and spirituality. The unsettling stories told on The Bearer of Bad News came as Shauf wrote both at home and on the road. Musically, the record took shape in his modest home studio in Regina, Canada, where Shauf spent 4 years recording each song himself.

Bearer is 11 songs built from the sounds of a weathered piano, the warm tone of his guitar’s aged strings, and a clarinet. At the heart is Andy’s one-of-a-kind voice and dark, literate storytelling.

video: Andy Shauf perform 'Wendell Walker' for The Line of Best Fit
Andy Shauf perform 'Wendell Walker' for The Line of Best Fit
video: Andy Shauf - Lick your wounds
Andy Shauf - Lick your wounds
video: Marine Dreams - Damp Eyes
Marine Dreams - Damp Eyes