September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.

Listen to the Silence – un voyage avec John Cage

This event has passed

NAC Presentation

Look – music!

Zonzo Compagnie invites the audience on a sensory journey with Listen to the Silence. In a two-sided room, a pianist and his accomplice – a zany master of ceremonies – join forces to revive the soul of John Cage. Acoustic juggling and visual acrobatics reawaken the creative genius of this unclassifiable artist and his eccentric, inventive and surprising musical universe.

This realm of colourful compositions is home to chirping metronomes, warbling birds and jangling cars – bursts of polychromatic noise!

What better way to feel all these new vibrations than to enter into this merry laboratory imagined by artists? Step behind the curtains of sound, beat time with water, refurbish the piano using ping-pong balls and play a mushroom-themed concerto.

Open, playful and festive, the show offers a delightful musical adventure in the style of an interactive concert. Named the 2012 best production of the year (Young Audiences Music Award, Brussels), Listen to the Silence – un voyage avec John Cage displays a huge treasure of intelligence made to measure for big and little ears, from tiny tots to frisky oldsters. Happy Birthday, John!

video: Listen to the silence
Listen to the silence