Amber Funk Barton | Josh Martin

Surrender, Leftovers, Hero & Heroine

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Amber Funk Barton and Josh Martin in Hero & Heroine © Photo: Chris Randle
[Hero & Heroine] “Amber Funk Barton and Josh Martin run the entire gamut of human emotion. Barton’s vocabulary demands decisive movement and intimate sensitivity that creates a sensuous choreographic framework.” John Jane,, 2010

World Premiere

NAC Co-production

Two of Vancouver’s hottest young choreographic talents shine in an evening of high-energy dance conceived especially for the NAC.

In Josh Martin’s dramatic solo, Leftovers, he pushes the body as a memory bank, fusing street dance, capoeira, and modern moves in an explosive exploration of muscle recall.

Amber Funk Barton creates a new solo, Surrender (an NAC co-production), designed to showcase her unique style of fiercely physical hybrid movement. Barton’s dreamy duet, Hero & Heroine, balances precise physicality with sensitivity of touch as she and Martin experience curiosity, wonder, courage, and desire. This is visceral, dynamic dance and supremely urban-cool.


Performance is approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes including intermission.

video: Hero & Heroine
Hero & Heroine
Amber Funk Barton and Josh Martin in Hero & Heroine © Photo: Chris Randle
Josh Martin in Leftovers © Photo: Tim Summers


  • Choreography (Leftovers) Josh Martin
  • Choreography (Hero & Heroine, Surrender) Amber Funk Barton