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When you have no place to go, your only option is to make somewhere up, invent it yourself.

In a quiet little town grown even quieter since the corner movie house burned to the ground, Sarah meets her friend Adèle at the foot of the only wall left standing. Every day is the same. Time passes; nothing changes. But Sarah is tired of waiting, tired of feeling like she doesn’t exist: she’s determined to shake things up.

Amid the many déjà vu and a few jamais vu, a parallel universe emerges as Sarah roams the streets, camera in hand, documenting the nothing that is her town. When she runs into Simon, a stranger and an outsider, she starts to look at things differently.

In this sensitive portrayal of adolescence, playwright Gilles Poulin Denis uses humour and compassion to explore the challenges that accompany the transition from childhood to adulthood.