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SPHERE / Arctic Imagination Talks

with Autumn Peltier & Kelsey Leonard

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  • NAC Orchestra

  Sep 24, 2022 - 10 AM EDT   1h with no intermission.

Indigenous knowledge and climate activism

Anishinaabe Indigenous rights advocate Autumn Peltier and Dr. Kelsey Leonard of the Shinnecock Nation speak with Algonquin Anishinabeg artist Mairi Brascoupé about their experiences as environmental activists and the natal relationship Indigenous culture has with the land. Learn why they continue to advocate for climate change.

Co-hosted by the Royal Danish Library and the NAC Orchestra as part of the SPHERE Festival, Arctic Imagination is a not-to-be-missed speaker series pressing discussions on the transformation of the Arctic as the ice disappears — and the implications of climate change for geopolitics and human civilization as we know it. 


Dr. Kelsey Leonard is a water scientist, legal scholar, policy expert, writer, and enrolled citizen of the Shinnecock Nation. An Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo, her research focuses on Indigenous water justice and its climatic, territorial, and governance underpinnings. 

Autumn Peltier is the Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation and an Indigenous Rights & Water activist whose journey for justice has made waves around the globe.

Peltier captivated the world's attention at the age of 12 when she admonished Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at an Assembly of First Nations event, for the choices he had made for her people and lack of support. She spoke her mind which led him to make her a promise, "I will protect the water." It's that promise to which she holds him accountable still today.

Host: Mairi Brascoupé


  • kelsey-leonard2
    Water scientist, legal scholar, policy expert, writer, and enrolled citizen of the Shinnecock Nation Kelsey Leonard
  • autumnpeltier-credit-jessicadeeks-20220103-macleans
    Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation, Indigenous Rights & Water activist Autumn Peltier
  • mairi-crop
    Host Mairi Brascoupé

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