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Arctic Imagination - Talks Series

SPHERE / Katherine Richardson & Angela Rawlings

Talks Festival events
  • NAC Orchestra

  Sep 21, 2022 - 7 PM EDT

Co-hosted by the Royal Danish Library and the NAC Orchestra as part of the SPHERE Festival, Arctic Imagination is a not-to-be-missed speaker series pressing discussions on the transformation of the Arctic as the ice disappears — and the implications of climate change for geopolitics and human civilization as we know it. 


Katherine Richardson 

Dr. Katherine Richardson has been in, on, or near to the sea all her life! A Professor in Biological Oceanography with the University of Copenhagen, Katherine’s scientific career spans meticulous studies of the smallest parts of the sea and carbon cycles in the world’s oceans to studies of biodiversity and interactions between humans, plants, animals, and climate. Her research focuses on the importance of biological processes in the ocean for the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere, and how ocean biology, including diversity, contributes to ocean function in the Earth System. 

Angela Rawlings 

Dr. Angela Rawlings is a Canadian-Icelandic interdisciplinary artist-researcher who works with languages as dominant exploratory material. Their practice seeks and interrogates relationality between bodies—be they human, more-than-human, other-than, non. Meditating on languages as inescapable lenses of human engagement, Rawlings’ methods over the past twenty years have included sensorial poetries, vocal and contact improvisation, theatre of the rural, and conversations with landscapes. 

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