Via Kanana

Via Katlehong Dance

Dance Contemporary
  • NAC Dance

  Feb 16 - Mar 6, 2022

"...the energy and exuberance of this dance form and these supremely skilled practitioners was electrifying." Siobhan Murphy, DanceTabs, 2018

In an ever-changing world that is clouded by fear and darkness, Via Kanana is an exploration of humanity’s unwavering belief in hope. It examines corruption in South Africa by questioning those in power and the unfulfilled promises made in the transition to democracy. Careening from the mundane to the metaphorical, this production takes its inspiration from South Africa itself, evoking a new promised land that never arrives, for which people must rise up and seek for themselves.

In this work, seven dancers and one musician of Via Katlehong Dance teamed up with contemporary South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma. Their rhythm leads them in a great vocal chord in which the story is supported by music created by the moving bodies.

A harmonically rich piece, luminous and full of hope, Via Kanana pulsates with rhythmic energy!

South African company Via Katlehong was formed in 1992 in a deprived part of Johannesburg. They specialize in Pantsula, a South African township dance and other neo-traditional forms such as tap, step and Gumboots dance, and have turned Pantsula culture into a protest movement.

Film (1 hour and 6 minutes)
Post-film documentary (20 minutes)
Total digital presentation is 1 hour 26 minutes.


Digidance is an initiative of DanceHouse (Vancouver), Danse Danse (Montreal), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) and the National Arts Centre (Ottawa).

Note: Once you have purchased your access to the film Event, a link will be emailed and will be available to watch from 12:01 AM (Eastern Standard Time) on February 16, 2022 to 11:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on March 6, 2022. You can view the film as many times as you wish with your link. Available in Canada only.


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