October 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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  • NAC French Theatre

  Oct 2, 2021 - 7:30 PM  EDT   2 hours and 50 minutes with no intermission.

Furturistic Happening

The year is 2042 ...

Is the pandemic finally behind us? Are we going about our lives as if nothing had happened? Are we happily embracing our freedom and putting the episode behind us with big sloppy kisses? Or have we become accustomed to drinking our iced lattes through a straw behind our masks and looking forward to the unveiling of the latest Purell fragrance?

There’s no way to know, because the crystal ball that predicts what 2042 will look like is in the hands of a bunch of Ottawa–Gatineau artists. Each of them has the mission to imagine what 2042 will be like. Anything goes, and we mean anything.

Mani Soleymanlou has created a unifying event that will mark NAC French Theatre’s return to the stage for the 2021–2022 season. From slam to readings to dramatic and musical performances, some 20 artists of all backgrounds await you on stage.

Welcome to the not-so-distant future ...

  • With Milena Buziak, Miriam Cusson, Alain Doom, Emmanuelle Gingras (Les Frivoles), Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard, Lissa Léger, Lionel Lehouillier, Le R Premier, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, Jessica Malutama, Robert Marinier, Lily Mason, Marie-Thé Morin, Julien Morissette, Dillon Orr, Karina Pawlikowski, Pier Rodier, Clémence Roy-Darisse (Les Frivoles), Emily Marie Séguin, Manon St-Jules, Yao and Caroline Yergeau
  • Live music Pierre-Luc Clément and Olivier Fairfield
  • Assistant to the Artistic Director & Coordinator Guy Warin
  • Sets and costumes Noémie Avidar
  • Lighting Guillaume Houët
  • Project Manager Cynthia Shaw
  • Technical Director Élise Lefebvre
  • Assistant Stage Manager Emily Payeur
  • Costume making Isabelle Bélisle
  • Produced by NAC French Theatre

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