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Crow Bar

Théâtre l’Escaouette, New Brunswick

Francophone Theatre
  • Zones Théâtrales

  Sep 16 - 24, 2021

Video recording
Available on streaming from September 16 to 24 

There is a small village by the sea, in an unnamed region, where no one should stop, let alone stay. A young woman who stumbles upon this village after her car breaks down decides to settle there, much the locals’ great surprise. Between her new bar, the Crow Bar, occupied by a strange customer, and the untraceable “graveyard of Joes” that no one is willing to talk about, she tries to get to know the local inhabitants. Through mysteries and old habits, not just anyone can enter this world. 

Presented as a public reading at Zones  2017, Crow  Bar borrows from both magic realism and the road novel. Playwright Gabriel Robichaud paints a portrait of wounded beings, each in their own way, and of the collective denial of an entire community completely cut off from the rest of the world.   Welcome to nowhere. 

Crow Bar's recording was made during the last rehearsals, a few weeks before the final adjustments for the live premiere of the show, scheduled for Moncton in October. 

  • Written by Gabriel Robichaud 
  • Directed by Matthieu Girard 
  • With Tanya Brideau, Marc Lamontagne, David Losier, Diane Losier
  • Artistic director Marcia Babineau 
  • Set design, costumes, props Claudie Landry 
  • Music Jason Leblanc 
  • Video and projection Jonah Haché 
  • Lighting Marc Paulin 
  • Assistant director Brigitte Gallant
  • Technical director Hugo St-Laurent 
  • Production manager Tommy Des Rosiers, Xavier Lord-Leroux