May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Across the Back Forty

Narrative Design Collective (Regina SK)


Connect Across the Back Forty! Join Narrative Design Collective, Globe Theatre Regina, and the National Arts Centre in this grand act of hope. NDC sent 3000 letters asking people to share what connection means to them. These responses inspired the collective of theatre designers to build eight interactive installations using sound, voice, set and light, and form a live interactive event in Regina’s Victoria Park which invites participants to experience and animate senses of connectivity. Video of this performance event extends these connections and shares our hopes through the NAC with people everywhere. 

Narrative Design Collective Team: 

Designers- Nick Bottomley, Eryn Griffith, Graham McMonagle, Damien James Webb, Michael Wanless 

Makers - Catherine Bridge, John Cody, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Brian Ganong,  Riley Richter

Mentees - Aren Okemaysim, MacKenzy Vida 

Munz Media Video Production Team - Desiree Ates, Tanner Goetz, Jakub Kostura, Zak Neilson, Andrew Parry

Thank you to the NAC, Globe Theatre and Staff, and to all Humans 


The live performances will take place in various regions of the country and will respect health and safety guidelines in each location. After the live performances have taken place, the NAC will share videos from each performance on its website and social media channels.

Dates and times subject to change.