May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Wishes in the Wind

Theatre Direct with FIXT POINT Arts and Media (Toronto, ON)

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After another long school year, Wishes in the Wind is a soulful parade that captures the struggles and resilience of children. As they criss cross each other along a path carrying rocks emblazoned with words of worry and flags decorated with declarations of hope, this Grand Act gives us a glimpse into the hearts of young people while offering them a cathartic opportunity to connect, to express themselves, and to run free as we continue to navigate through this challenging moment together. 

Theatre Direct with FIXT POINT Arts and Media

Conceived by: Lisa Marie DiLiberto 

Co-directed by: Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Sehar Bhojani 

Film Producer and Director: Charles Ketchabaw 

Assistant Director: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah  

Event Producers: Kate Walker and Madeleine Brown

Associate Directors: Pragna Desai, Madeleine Brown, Djennie Laguerre and Treasa Levasseur 

Facilitation Design by: Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Treasa Levasseur and Pragna Desai

Workshop Facilitators: Pragna Desai, Madeleine Brown, Djennie Laguerre, Treasa Levasseur, Susie Burpee, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah

Designer: Shira Leuchter 

Choreographer: Susie Burpee 


The live performances will take place in various regions of the country and will respect health and safety guidelines in each location. After the live performances have taken place, the NAC will share videos from each performance on its website and social media channels.

Dates and times subject to change.

© Will Innes