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#DanceForth & #SD10 present UNTITLED I

Andrea Peña & Artists

  • NAC Dance

  Nov 5, 2020 - 7 PM EST   40 minutes with no intermission.

The video will be available online for 24 hours after the show has ended. It will be removed on November 6, 2020 at 8 p.m.

Engaging in deep encounters between the physical body and the conscious self, AP&A is recognized for its alternative multi-disciplinary universes that rupture our notions of a sensible humanity. Political yet abstract creations transform conceptual research into performative installations that are to be understood as visceral experiences. Peña is known for the intricacies in large ensemble work and difficult choreography, through a physicality that is highly intricate, vulnerable and raw that extends beyond mere movement. Integrated into the corporal and philosophical approach, a great importance is given to working with artists from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds, thus offering a perpetual dialogue between the various disciplines and individuals involved. Such cross integration brings a culturally decentralized richness in meaning and embodiment of the work.

The Montreal-based Andrea Peña and Artists was founded in 2014 post Peña’s professional career as a dancer with BalletBC and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal. Having studied industrial design, the choreographer originally from Bogota, Colombia thinks her choreographic performances as immersive installations. She is recognized within Canada and internationally for her creation of critical, alternative and spatial universes that question the individual within society.

Engaging in deep encounters between the physical body and the conscious self, Peña presents a highly intricate, vulnerable and raw choreography, one that ruptures our notions of a sensible humanity. Peña and her company, have been recognized with numerous awards and commissions, including the Banff Arts Center Clifford Lee Choreography

Award 2018 and the Hong Kong International Choreography Festival Award for best choreography 2018. The company's visceral and highly rigorous creations have toured extensively around the world to Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Canada.

  • Artistic Direction Andrea Peña
  • Choreography Andrea Peña in collaboration with Francois Richard
  • Performer François Richard
  • Music Bobby Leon
  • Lighting Design Hugo Dalphond
  • Rehearsal Assistance Mathieux Leroux, Helen Simard

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