October 2020 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Gabrielle Papillon

Gabrielle Papillon

with Ellen Froese

Gabrielle Papillon
Music Singer/Songwriter Pop Folk


**This show was originally recorded on November 22, 2019**


Gabrielle Papillon’s most recent album Shout is a triumph. It starts with the inner rumblings of the mind of an anxious person, someone who struggles with crowds and big groups of people, someone who craves solitude but does not really want to be left alone too long. It becomes the burst of energy and the surge of feeling that comes from the heart’s willingness to fight to be understood, to be less alone. Shout is an art-pop record through and through. It is propelled by equal parts synth, big pianos, and anger, exploding in thoughtful, danceable art-pop anthems of uprising, hope and a delirious celebration of self. 


Hailing from a dairy farm in the heart of Saskatchewan, young folk singer Ellen Froese has swiftly made her presence known in the Canadian music scene. As a folk artist performing solo and also with her rockin’ back-up band, the Hot Toddies, as well as an original member of successful bluegrass/folk group In With The Old, Froese has balanced multiple projects for the last few years. Terry Pugh of Clark's Crossing Gazette says of Ellen, “[she has] superb songwriting skills, versatile musicianship, and an unforgettably sweet voice”. Whether performing a folk traditional, a rock 'n' roll classic, or her own compositions, Froese handles it with an air of authenticity – all tempered with a healthy dose of humour and self-deprecation. With four albums behind her, Froese is eagerly anticipating the 2019 release of her first album with her full band, as well as her first European tour through DevilDuck Records.

Gabrielle Papillon
Ellen Froese