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Theatre Comedy

Alexandra uproots her sedentary lifestyle to undertake a great crossing of America, a long road trip that will lead her to the Great Middlegate Shoe Tree, a mysterious landmark that documents the passage of travelers by turning their shoes into fragments of eternity ... But more important, this same road leads her to reconnect with the memory of Jack, her grandfather, an indefatigable traveler and an elusive figure in her life. Over the course of a series of encounters, each more unusual than the last, she retraces the path of this strange grandfather—a path that will also lead her to self-awareness. She’s just waiting for you to accompany her on her journey.

Marie-Pierre Proulx takes a lighthearted approach to the great American road trip in her first play[DT1] , brilliantly performed by Jean Marc Dalpé and France Huot.


© Brian Côté
© Brian Côté
© Brian Côté


  • Written by Marie-Pierre Proulx
  • Directed by Magali Lemèle
  • Produced by Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury, ON)
  • Stage director Pascale Lemay
  • Dramaturgical Consultant Maureen Labonté
  • With Jean Marc Dalpé, France Huot
  • Set designer Marie-Pierre Proulx
  • Sound environment Designer AYMAR
  • Lighting Designer Michael Brunet
  • Costume Designer Miriam Cusson
  • Creation Stage Manager Sophie Ducharme
  • Technical/Production Director Ivan Pitre
  • Tour Director Christina Leblanc-McHenry
  • Tour technicians Chris Shelswell, Shelby Lebeau
  • Photographer Studio 123