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4,585 kilometres. That’s the distance between Barrow, Alaska, and Las Vegas, Nevada. From these two cities, Josianne T. Lavoie and Louis-Philippe Roy describe encounters tinged with the endless darkness of Barrow, Alaska, and the characters of the endless nights of Vegas, Nevada. From these two polarized universes, they document the stories—the ones that chill, the ones that burn, the ones you fantasize about—of the opposite ends of the not-so-United States.

How far out of sync do you have to be to change your perception and your illusions of neon, cold, and the American Dream?

After presenting M.I.LF. at Zones Théâtrales in 2017, Théâtre du Trillium, in association with Sous la Hotte, presents Néon Boréal, a new work by Louis-Philippe Roy and Josianne T. Lavoie that combines radio and theatre. Zones Théâtrales is pleased to present the four episodes of this theatrical podcast directed by Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard.

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© Sylvain Sabatié
© Sylvain Sabatié
© Sylvain Sabatié
© Sylvain Sabatié
© Sylvain Sabatié


  • Written by Josianne T. Lavoie and Louis-Philippe Roy
  • Directed by Pierre-Antoine Lafon Simard
  • Produced by Théâtre du Trillium (Ottawa, ON) and Sous la Hotte (Gatineau, QC)