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Gilad Hekselman Trio

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Gilad Hekselman - guitar

Rick Rosato - bass

Jonathan Pinson - drums

"Gilad Hekselman has a vision of modern jazz that's harmonically fluent but not averse to simple melody or gentle, approachable effect." - The New York Times. Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004. In his latest album, Ask for Chaos, this acclaimed guitarist takes a bold new turn, inspired by two new and quite disparate trio configurations. Hekselman sequenced the new album with the two trios interspersed, resulting in sonic surprise but also a seamless aesthetic unity. The gHex Trio is giving a whole new dimension to the music.

video: Gilad Hekselman Trio - Do Re Mi Fa Sol (Official Video)
Gilad Hekselman Trio - Do Re Mi Fa Sol (Official Video)