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Lydia Persaud

A fixture of Toronto’s music community and a sought-after collaborator, Lydia Persaud stands alone with her debut album Let Me Show You, released May 10 on Next Door Records.  
A seasoned musician and member of renowned Toronto bands Dwayne Gretzky and The O’Pears, Lydia blends her command of the folk genre with jazz techniques honed at Humber College’s rigourous jazz program in her work. Let Me Show You, recorded in Toronto with producer Robbie Grunwald (Donovan Woods, Jill Barber), displays Lydia’s sharp lyricism, running the gamut from romance, to social activism, race and gender issues. 
With Let Me Show You, Lydia draws inspiration from her musical heroes, such as Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and Carole King, while touching on vital issues that deeply affect her. Her music melds genres while Lydia’s clear message shines through on the power of her unforgettable voice. 

Charlotte Cornfield

“You free yourself when you take away the script,” says Toronto songwriter Charlotte Cornfield.  “That’s where this record came from, dismantling patterns and embracing the process.”  Cornfield’s third full length album, The Shape of Your Name, is set to arrive in Spring 2019. The songs are her strongest and most striking to date - contemplative and contemporary, funny and heart-wrenching - and they’ve got that stuck-in-your-head-for-days quality that Cornfield is known for.  The Shape of Your Name features a star-studded cast of collaborators including (but not limited to) Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett, Broken Social Scene members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin.

video: Honey Child - Lydia Persaud
Honey Child - Lydia Persaud
video: Charlotte Cornfield - June (Official Video)
Charlotte Cornfield - June (Official Video)
Lydia Persaud
Charlotte Cornfield © Jenna Ledger