a musical tribute

We Love Belafonte

featuring Alex Cuba, David Myles, Florence K and Katie Moore

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Harry Belafonte’s music has brightened our musical landscape ever since it came on the scene in the early 1950s. Since then, his calypsos – Matilda, Angelina, Jump in the Line and the famous Banana Boat Song – have become paeans of love and sunshine that are still played and performed around the world, and appreciated by every generation.

The new album We love Belafonte, featuring Canadian artists from across the country, will be released in fall 2018 as a tribute to this much-admired artist who has unmistakably marked many decades of musical history with his songs, magnetism, intelligence and humanity.

A fast-paced evening of well-known hits that will feature Florence K, David Myles, Alex Cuba, Katie Moore, Nick Petrowski and two other musicians.