Kina Nimiwag Dancers

featuring Eagle River Drum group and Rise Ashen

This event has passed

Eagle River are an Algonquin drum group from both Kitigan Zibi and Barrier Lake, QC. They sing a range of traditional and contemporary pow wow songs. Kina Nimiwag is a contemporary dance troupe from the Ottawa area with several Algonquin and First Nations artists who are disciplined in the following styles: Men’s traditional, Grass dance, Women’s Traditional, Jingle and Fancy Shawl, and Hoop dance as well as Ballet, Contemporary dance, Hip hop and B boy.

 These two groups have been working together over the last several years as a strong representation of talented Algonquin artists on their traditional unceeded Algonquin territory. It is with their pride and passion that they have shared their culture with tens of thousands of people in the Nation’s Capital. Last year alone they performed for Cirque du Soleil - Volta, The British Royal Family for Canada Day at the National Arts Centre in 2017, La Machine 2017 and the Canadian Heritage Awards Ceremony. These young artists are just beginning to spread their talents and reach their potential; they strive to continue to strengthen their creative capacities and social networks to further the education and reconciliation process beginning in Ottawa.