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Since their debut in 2008, RANT MAGGIE RANT has consistently won over audiences at festivals, folk clubs, town halls, churches, concert halls and symphonic stages. The original goal was to take traditional Celtic music as the foundation, then liberally and unapologetically colour outside the prescribed lines. In a nut-shell, have fun!

Traditionalists love their approach, as they respect the time honoured styles. Drawing on the music from the seven Celtic nations, the obvious Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and the lesser known Isle of Mann, Galicia (Spain) and Brittany (France), as well as from Quebec and Canada's East Coast, new Celtic music listeners are drawn to RANT MAGGIE RANT's fusion of World influences. The ensemble moves effortlessly from Irish jigs to Galician munieras, from Scottish marches to Breton an dros, driving them with Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, African hand drumming and percussion, blues/rock guitar backdrops, revved up tempos, unexpected time changes, and a unique rhythmic attack. Their repertoire combines contemporary compositions with traditional tunes, often blending them together to deliver an intoxicating performance.

Based in Stratford, Ontario, RANT MAGGIE RANT showcases the talents of:

Lindsay Schindler (fiddle, vocals)

Glen Dias (lead vocals, recorder and incidental percussion)

Barry James Payne (acoustic guitar, vocals)

RANT MAGGIE RANT always engages other musicians to round out their sound depending on the occasion and requirement. Joining the band on their most recent and upcoming shows are special guests: original member Rob Larose (drums & percussion), Steve Clarke (electric and upright bass) and Daev Clysdale (Irish Flute, whistles, accordion). RMR have also engaged the talents of Graham Hargrove (drums & percussion), Loretto Reid (Irish Flute, whistles, concertina & button accordion), Dave Nuttall (Irish whistles and wind instruments) and Pat O’Gorman (pipes, Irish flute and whistles).

video: Rant Maggie Rant
Rant Maggie Rant
video: Kitchen Set
Kitchen Set
video: Hugh’s Room medley
Hugh’s Room medley