April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
This event has passed
Music Singer/Songwriter Rock Jazz Roots music Folk Country Storytelling

The New North Collective (NNC) is an ensemble of Northern Canadian performing artists from Yukon and Northwest Territories combining spoken word and jazz, with traditional storytelling and indie-pop sensibilities. “Outside” is a multimedia performance that explores the idea of north, from the land to its people, its traditions and struggles to dispel regional stereotypes of rural and remote communities.

Pat Braden (spoken word artist/bassist)

Carmen Braden (composer/performer, NWT)

Diyet (singer/songwriter, Kluane First Nation)

Graeme Peters (guitarist/songwriter)

Robert Van Lieshout percussionist (Yukon Territories)

Jan de Vroede (multi-instrumentalist/producer, Greenland)

video: New North Collective
New North Collective
video: First Sign of Spring
First Sign of Spring