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Music Singer/Songwriter Roots music Blues Folk

Catriona Sturton

“Hers is not a bombastic solo outing, but rather an emotional journey informed by her tender voice, bluesy guitar and raw, expressive harmonica” - Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

Sings like an angel, plays like a beast. Rock and roll lover of Heavenly and the heaviest blues.  After learning to file harmonica reeds in a back alley, Catriona toured Canada as the bassist for Halifax teen-rockers, Plumtree (who inspired the cult-favourite book and movie, Scott Pilgrim, with their song of the same name). She’s played with Italian harmonica wizards, a Hiroshima-based garage rock band, and has been a hired harp gun for Canadian folk and indie favourites before striking out on her own.

Liz Stevens

The dynamic lead singer and songwriter of Alberta's Copperhead, who blend dark, throaty Motown, swaggering rock, folk with a rusty edge and some spacey instrumentation, is loved for her haunting melodies and smoky, soulful voice. Her electric guitar-based songs are characterized by a blues heart and rock ‘n’ roll soul.

video: Tiny Boat Concerts - Catriona Sturton
Tiny Boat Concerts - Catriona Sturton
video: Catriona Sturton - Dopamine (Shenkman Live Production Residency)
Catriona Sturton - Dopamine (Shenkman Live Production Residency)
video: Liz Stevens - Wicked Game
Liz Stevens - Wicked Game
video: Copperhead - Waiting
Copperhead - Waiting
video: Touch - Copperhead
Touch - Copperhead