Ottawa StoryTellers

Utsän Män – Old Woman Lake

This event has passed

Utsän Män (Reed Lake) is a traditional story told by Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, member of the Nacho N’yak Dän, First Nation.

The title of of this story, is in reference to a place in north eastern Yukon, homeland of the Nacho N’yak Dän. This lake is of historical  importance to the people of this region, as it is where tall reeds grew and were cut and fashioned into torches, for night fishing. It’s story is about a powerful medicine woman who lived at this lake and what occurred when her son was swallowed up by giant jack fish.

Utsän Män is a place of power which holds a story, portraying the incredible resilience, strength and spiritual prowess of Indigenous women, when met with tragedy.

Presented as a part of the Ottawa StoryTellers' 2017-2018 Speaking Out Season.