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Music Singer/Songwriter Folk Country

$10 Student tickets available in advance for this show, with valid student card.

Noah Derksen

Born and raised in Manitoba, but steeped in BC, Noah Derksen's songwriting mixes the fortitude of Prairie winters with west coast optimism. A spritely 24, Derksen's folk balladry feels like your first long-distance love affair: contemplative, brooding, and wrapped in a youthful optimism that despite our best efforts, often washes away silently into wilting tides of time.

Brea Lawrenson

What is a rising star, anyway? Well, in this case it's the Ottawa's Brea Lawrenson. Catapulted not only by her whip-smart songwriting and anthemic choruses, Lawrenson's got the pipes to back it all up.  Already a young veteran of major festivals and fairs, her gem “Canadian Pearl” is on regular rotation on Sirius XM and the perfect soundtrack to a summer road trip through the heart of the Ottawa Valley: roll your windows WAY down!

Tickets are available at the NAC Box Office until 6:30 pm the day of the show.

There is no charge to be in the Fourth Stage between 6:30 and 8:00 pm on Fridays.

If you haven’t bought a ticket but want to stay for the show, a cover charge is applicable. $15 for adults | $10 for students.

Performance is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes including intermission

video: Guts & God, Brea Lawrenson
Guts & God, Brea Lawrenson
video: Noah Derksen - Deep Blue
Noah Derksen - Deep Blue
video: Noah Derksen - You Will Be Found
Noah Derksen - You Will Be Found
Noah Derksen
Noah Derksen
Brea Lawrenson