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Comment j’ai appris à parler aux oiseaux

Ages 5 to 9

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I have the feeling that, in a discouraging world that sometimes makes me weep, working for children is the only thing worth doing. D. Kimm


Isn’t it better to be a bird? Humans are so hard to figure out! That’s what Mademoiselle Mouche thinks, anyway. So she goes to the gym to take flight training, and she learns to speak bird. One day, surely, she’ll soar into the air.

Multidisciplinary artist D. Kimm has created an endearing character, slightly clown-like with her kung fu and hip hop. We like her instantly. Her funny stories and the oversize video projections of birds transport us. Time to leave dull cares behind and prepare for takeoff!


Maiden flight to the land of childhood

Interview with D. Kimm

Comment j'ai appris à parler aux oiseaux is your first play for young audiences. What prompted you to write it?

The idea came to me suddenly, unexpectedly, while I was working on another project which I subsequently abandoned. I read Yoko Ogawa’s very beautiful novel Petits Oiseaux (“little birds”). One of the characters in the book is an artist who only speaks “bird,” and I immediately thought of this title: Comment j’ai appris à parler aux oiseaux (“How I learned to talk to birds”). I knew right away that it would be for children. That scared me, because I’d never written anything for young audiences. But try as I might to escape it, there was no denying that because of its poetic and playful nature, its honest and straightforward theme, this was going to be a play for children.

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Available only in French

Le Devoir, 10 mai 2017

Performance is approximately 55 minutes with no intermission.

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  • Conceived, written, directed and performed by D. Kimm
  • Lighing Lucie Bazzo
  • Music Guido Del Fabbro
  • Video images Allison Moore
  • Costumes and props Maude Audet, Erica Schmitz and Nicole Villiger
  • Artistic consultants Simon Boulerice, Yves Dagenais, Jasmine Dubé and Hélène Langevin
  • Production Les Filles électriques
  • Collaboration NAC French Theatre