Frame Lines

11 Choreographies for Camera


Figs in Motion

Inheritor Recordings

Traditional Healing


Performance is approximately 70 minutes with no intermission.

This program of Canadian short dance films and videos displays the creativity and diversity to be found in screen-based choreography. Going beyond merely photographing the act of dancing, these films fuse the camera and cinematic language with dance to create a distinct hybrid form. From documentary to animation to experimentation, Frame Lines showcases a wide variety of unique cinematic approaches to contemporary dance.

Traditional Healing, Raymond Caplin, 2014, 2 min.

Moving Gaze, Timothy I. Smith, 2015, 3 min.

Figs in Motion, Trevor Anderson, 2010, 8 min.

Patsy, Izabel Barsive, 2011, 13 min.

Birth of the Alseides, Erin Buelow, 2011, 7 min.

POX, Freya Björg Olafson, 2007, 7 min.

Inheritor Recordings, Brian Johnson, 2015, 6 min.

Is It My Turn, Shelagh Carter, 2012, 6 min.

Healing Scars, Darian Smith & Kristina Decontie, 2014, 5 min.

The Light in our Lizard Bellies, Sarah Abbott, 1999, 8 min.

Painted, Duncan McDowall, 2011, 5 min.